Futile Fertility

While I’ve been messing around with some little chores… the guys have continued to hay…

Now that a couple of the fields were cleared of their cutting, Vernon decided to try something new.
Well, not new to the world of agriculture, but something we’ve never done before.
No till seeding.
I know, many of you ag people reading this are going, WHAT?  You’ve never done that?
To accomplish no till seeding you must have a no till drill… and no one around here has one, until lately, when our friend and neighbor got one.
Let’s back up a bit.
Usually, if we want to plant a new crop of alfalfa… because the plants do die out after a few years… we have to plow the ground, then disc or break up the rough ground (which means many trips back and forth in different directions).  We might go over it with the leveler if necessary.  When it is nice and smooth and pretty… then you can plant the alfalfa seed.
With a no till drill, you don’t plow.  If you don’t plow, you don’t disc.  You’re saving time and money and soil compaction from multiple trips with your tractor.
This drill can plant 3 different sizes of seed.
In these photos, Vernon’s planting alfalfa over the top of our sudan field.
Here, the front wavy disc cuts into the soil.
This picture is from the back… and if you study it…
<I know there’s a lot to look at!>
You’ll see the next discs are set in a V shape, creating a furrow.  Behind them are tubes that the seed falls through into the soil.  Lastly is a rounded “tamping” disc, setting the seed in the soil, so it doesn’t blow away or wash away with irrigation.
This machine has some engineering to it… although comparatively it is simple.
Alfalfa seed is TINY.
Vernon took the time to refill the hopper with those itsy bitsy seeds…
There you have it.
No till alfalfa over the top of sudan grass.
We’ll find out if this was a good idea or not…
or an exercise in futile fertility!
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