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Spent the day vaccinating our sad little weaned calves.  I’ve written about it before, so there was nothing too overly exciting about the same process.  We will finish them up tomorrow…

Instead of calves, I figured I should share some more of Cheyenne.
It is a cool city… really!  Much of the downtown is a historical district and there are TONS of classic Victorian houses.  Lots of antique stores… although, sadly, we didn’t have time to see any of them!
See these buildings?
At first glance, it looks like a block of old storefronts…  Then you look again and notice the windows are out of the center buildings.  So you think, “Oh, they must be abandoned”… but, no!  It is a well disguised 3 story parking garage!  The windows must be left open for the fumes to escape…  Pretty inventive, there, Cheyenne!
Of course, there’s the capitol building.  I *like* our Wyoming government.  They operate in the black, have a fair amount of common sense, and are pretty available to the voters.  Last week, on our trip to Laramie, Vernon and I ran into our state Senator John Barasso at lunch… a doctor turned politician… you might have seen him on tv…  We talked to him and his wife for a couple of minutes.  I also saw our former governor leaving a meeting at Little America.  I didn’t visit with him… but I *could* have!
We tried to make a flying trip to the State Museum, which is on my “To See” list.  We cut out a smidge early on a meeting and flew down, arriving at 4:25.  The museum closes at 4:30.  Ugh.  Oh, well, maybe next time.
Cheyenne has decorated cowboy boots around town… like Casper has buffalo.  I still think Ten Sleep should have a couple of tipis!  This one is in front of the State Museum, with the toe area made from actual old Wyoming license plates.
If you’d like to see some of this for yourself…
I also saw something at Little America that could help you.
Yup.  The Google Map Streetview car was parked at Little America for a few nights.  The first night, he left his windows down… I could have crawled in and fired up the camera and computers.  Since there’s a laptop in the passenger seat… do you think he could get in trouble for surfing the net while driving???
I think that’d be way worse than texting and driving.
There you have *some* of it.  I’d recommend stopping next time you’re in Cheyenne… there’s plenty to do beside attend Frontier Days!
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