Minute Movie: Roadtrip


I can finish something!

This Minute Movie was filmed when I came home from Victoria’s baby shower…
The trip covers 60 miles, but usually takes me an hour and a half.  Crossing the Big Horn Mountains is winding, twisting Highway 16.  Dubbed “Sweet 16” when it opened, it is a gorgeous trip… except when it’s not.
I’ve been over this thing on icy and slick roads, where the snow’s falling so fast the snowplows can’t keep up.  I’ve watched Victoria spin off the road in her little red car as I was following in my Durango… what a memorable spring storm that was!
But this trip WAS gorgeous.
Don’t worry… the road was dry… traffic was light… the camera was sitting on my shoulder… my eyes were focused on the road.
I give you a glimpse of Powder River Pass, but the majority is of Ten Sleep Canyon…
Leigh Creek Monument?  I’ve taken two groups of Girl Scouts out there Back In the Day… It perches atop the high cliff!
Apple trees adorn the bottom of the canyon in many spots… meaning I’m getting close to Red Dirt Country!
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