The Love of the Hunt

I’ve mentioned before… it’s hunting season around here.

If you don’t appreciate that… perhaps you should skip this post.  Catch up with me tomorrow…
But I’m gonna tell a huntin’ story!
I grew up with a dad that loved hunting.
In fact, the story goes… my dad went out quail hunting the day I was born… and my mom and older sister and brother went along.  They stuck close to the car… playing in the dirt (they were 7 and 5 at the time) and entertaining themselves.  I came along that evening.  Oh… and, yes, it WAS Christmas Day!
About the age of 12 or 13… I realized my middle name, Diane?  Gee, it comes from Diana… Goddess of the Hunt.
Pair that with being “Daddy’s girl” and I was going to hunt!
Turned out, by the by, I’m a pretty good shot.
Even with my little slingshot, isn’t that right, Daniel?
Daniel has inherited that hand/eye coordination and the desire to hunt.  So he proposed that although he’s hunted elk and deer for years… he might just wanna take a crack at hunting antelope.
Antelope just happen to be my specialty!
I bought the first license I’ve had in years… being married to a beef-eating rancher had eliminated my need for stocking the freezer with wild game!
But… I’m working extra days at the library… and Daniel’s leaving this weekend… and then antelope season is over.
I’m bummed.
But I’m proud too…
because today Daniel got his first antelope!
And he called his mom to share the news… and compare his to my Boone and Crockett entry I have on my wall!
He has to improve a little to match mine, but that’s ok… if he’s gonna get a bigger one, I’d prefer to be there!
I think about that picture of my first antelope.  My dad’s bloody hand slung around my shoulders and the biggest grins on our faces!  Knowing we’d accomplished something… knowing we’d fill our freezer with our own meat… knowing we had a bond.
In some measure, Daniel and I had that… although I simply stood there in my good town work clothes and watched him finish skinning the antelope.  We’ll eat this “goat”, and we *have* accomplished something, a bond that actually spans generations… the love of the hunt!
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