Spent 80% of today making applestuff…

Two big 9×13 pans of apple crisp…
Dried apples…
I’m pretty tired of peeling apples… and most were even huge softball sized ones, so it went fast!
I also supervised Daniel’s cutting up of his antelope for jerky… though I wasn’t much help… I was too scared of burning my applesauce!
At least the day was a “good” day for this work…
The rain I woke up to switched to snow pretty fast.
Cow work has been delayed a day or two… we try to be fairweather cowboys!  But soon we’ll be mounted and moving cattle once again.
I can quit being a diy-er blog and cooking blog and photographer blog and go back to being a ranch blog, for a day or two.
Though by now you realize this ranching blog *IS* a diy-ing, cooking, photographing blog with dog hair…  comprende?
Me neither.
I’m headed for bed!
Sleep tight!
Thanks for the first few orders for the 2012 Red Dirt Calendar.  I’ll set up a pic to show you the main photos in a day or two.  I’m taking pre-orders now… $20 and go here to pay with Paypal or here to find out other details!
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