Let It Sift Into Your Soul…

It’s here!

Well, almost!
It’s put together and at the print shop… so now we wait… impatiently!
For what?
Oh, yeah…
A calendar full of red dirt, dogs, scenery, and cattle!
There’s 31 of my photos in here… just like last year’s, a large monthly photo (suitable for framing ) with each major holiday highlighted with a small photo.
Smell that sage after a rain…
Feel the rhythmic sway as your horse walks behind the herd of cattle…
Lift your eyes to the sky and marvel at its breadth,
and color,
and immenseness…
Inhale the scent of wildflowers in the sunset light…
Bring yourself to Wyoming…
to Red Dirt Country…
and let it sift into your soul.
Spiral bound, 8.75″ x 11″ closed, 17.5″ x 11″ on display.
Taking orders now, filling them when they arrive on my doorstep.
$20, even.  No postage.
Quick and easy purchase click here
email orders to reddirtinmysoul at g mail dot com
or send a check to
Carol Greet
2050 Highway four thirty four
Ten Sleep, Wyoming eight two four four two
October 31, 2010   Lost Three
October 31, 2009   Cow Work
October 31, 2008   I Love This Country!

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