Hay Hauler

I’ve spent an hour and a half a day these past few days working on sewing those crib skirts… and I only have one finished.  Now why is that?

Since I don’t like to sit for too long, I break it up with other little jobs.
I *did* hang one thing on my wall…
I *am* cleaning and rearranging my craft room… though right now it looks like a hurricane went through instead!
I *really* should have taken the dogs on another walk, it looks like the weather is about to worsen.  yuk.
I’m doing that plus all that stuff that one friend of mine calls “skirt work”!  (Thanks, L.!)
The guys continued to haul hay.
Since we have the fields here, we just stack the hay in the fenced hay yards (to keep the deer out).  It’s best to get hay off your field as quickly as possible (just like leaving something out on your grass… it kills it pretty fast)…  So all this hay we took off the fields quickly this summer now needs hauled to the other place where we’ll feed it to the cows come January.  Hauling hay in good weather is preferable and actually possible.  Put some wet snow on this red dirt and it gets slick pretty fast… impossible to pull tons of hay on a trailer!
Realized today I didn’t hold a Q & A for this month… do we need one?
Does anyone have any new questions for me?  Leave it in the comment section and we’ll do it Tuesday night if there are any!
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