It was a crazy day at the library today… getting ready for our Open House and Silent Auction.

I had purchased some new ornaments for our tree this year… I think the last ones I bought were 7, 8, 9 years ago?  It’s been a while anyway.  We’ve switched from maroon and gold Victorian to blue, white, and silver Scandinavian style!
Snowflakes really seemed to be the theme to start with… and now I’m trying to add some Dala horses to the mix.  They aren’t made yet though!
After running and decorating and writing and organizing and losing my mind… I think the library is about ready for Monday’s party!
I’m very excited… I like my new tree even though the horses haven’t made their appearance… unfortunately, I was so excited to get out of there 1.5 hours after I usually do… and I totally spaced taking photos.
Mother Nature even gave me the opportunity to take some pics in the dark on the way home… traveling 20 mph through the 5″ of icy slush/snow on the road.
I do believe I’ll just wake up and take some in the morning though… it’ll be much nicer!
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