Ah, Well…

Did you miss me yesterday?

Most of you seemed to remember we had a trip to Billings planned… which we accomplished.  But that did put us home close to 1 am… and I’m simply not functional at that time of night.  Therefore, no blog.  You figured that out though!
Victoria and the boys are doing well… they’ve returned to birthweight and we hope they’ll be home soon!
Today I spent driving to Worland and back… my calendars have hit a glitch that I’m correcting.  If you have ordered and received one… I offer to you a rebate, or a new calendar, your choice.  I know of no other way to do this, but it is what makes me feel the best…  Some of them were just lower quality and I did not inspect each one before I mailed them off.
This will pretty much be a loss instead of a win this calendar season, but That’s Life.
I am happy that my local printer is standing behind me, as well.
Feel free to go ahead and order again (since I took them off my shop for a bit)… and I will endeavor to get them to you in good time.
If you see nothing wrong with your calendar, great!  I just should have looked at them closer beforehand!
Just goes to show you, you get a little greedy, and something will happen!  I had *SO* planned on making good money on them this year!
Ah, well…
Lights on a semi streak across the interstate as we head towards the Laurel Refinery, Laurel, Montana.
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