Grand Lady

The guys blew to a bull sale way up in Montana the past two days… and I’m not a fan of spending 12 hours in a pickup… so I managed to entertain myself by decorating my house with no interruptions!

I’ve had a wonderful time!
Although I did put up a few decorations last year, this year I was enthusiastic about it.
It all started with this shelf… lost amidst paint cans and storage buckets… it’s sat in a cellar for years.  I’ve always had an eye for it though… and I finally got permission to make it mine!
That meant getting it out of the cellar and up a hill by myself.  Which I did.
Six inches at a time.
It wasn’t heavy, just bulky… and my little truck was willing to cart it to my house once I got it to the top of the hill.
It snowed.
Oh, well, it’s not like it was precious furniture and hadn’t seen tough times…
Stand her up, brush her off, and let the sun melt that extra snow away.  She has lost a door… had a horseshoe nail split an upper board… and a dog must have ravaged the bottom support!
I carted her into the house and wiped her down.  She has just a thin layer of primer on her (or whitewash?) and there’s lots of small nails inside, evidence of the thin wire mesh that used to be on the interior of the sides.
I wonder if she’s ever been here in my house before?
I gave her some gifts…
wrapping paper on her shelves…
lighted garland…
angels and small nativity scenes…
poinsettias and red berries…
golden mesh and boxes of treats…
but most importantly…
She’s my stocking holder!
My family’s five are awaiting the five new ones I’m making…
So… she’s not done, yet!
There’s more presents to come!
But didn’t she turn out to be a grand lady?
Cow work tomorrow!
December 2, 2010   Random
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