I managed to take my walk this afternoon… a glorious day where my sweatshirt and Carhartt were just too heavy and too warm!  It was probably in the ’40’s… but, my! how nice!

I had MULTIPLE tiny adventures… and managed to get them on “film” with my new toy… well, until the battery went dead!
Just to remind you that I *DO* live on a ranch… and I realize I’ve been neglecting that side of my life lately…
I’d like you to meet our newest investments.
Two young bulls recently purchased from the Sitz Ranch in Montana.
Trying out the Sepia Action on my camera…
Number 225 seemed to be the star of the show… the other bull just kept his rear end my way and rebuffed the chance to be the star!
I tried patiently to catch his breath on the exhale… and it did show up quite well.
A little zoom…
A little black and white drool…
A classic bullish pose!
Isn’t he handsome?
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