Where Was I?

Like I mentioned yesterday… I had a few adventures on my walk.

After communing with our new bulls for a bit (and exposing my new camera to its first taste of hay dust!), the dogs and I proceeded down to the water gap.
This camera has the cool feature where you can choose one color… like blue… and it chooses only to show the blue in color… the rest of the photo is in black and white.  I’m pushing “buttons” and squinting at the touch screen…
My dogs go racing away, protecting their territory from those pesky invading fluffy tails aka whitetail deer.
I’m concentrating on my camera.
I’m looking at the fence post where I’m going to compose a shot, if I got it to work right… and I hear thuds behind me.
Dogs running through the brush.
But my dogs don’t thud when they run through brush.
My mind realizes I’m hearing a deer stotting.  Quickly, I turn and see a doe headed straight for me.
When I turn, she sees me as well.
I have enough time to lift the camera and push the button.
I couldn’t have timed it better if I’d tried.
I punched off another shot as she turned and headed down the water gap.
A final wave from her flamboyant tail and she was gone.
I shook my head.
Whistled for my dogs.
And frowned down at my camera… now, where was I?
December 18, 2010   Swsssswsss, Dally!
December 18, 2009   0.1538753 Seconds
December 18, 2008   Progress

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