Wool Passion

Last November… yes, LAST November…

as in 2010…
I started Vernon’s Christmas present, a wonderful wool saddlepad, instructions shared by my friend, Linda, up in Alberta.
I worked on it.  Even started A New Craft Support Group.
Then spring came… and we remodeled and moved… and did whatever…
and I broke my hooking tool…
and got another…
and I then I was almost finished and ran out of roving…
and finally was put onto some ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS black Churro wool from Spear S Sheep and Cattle in Lander, Wyoming…
and I sat down and finished the thing last night!
I want you to know I threw the thing down on the floor and did a little dance on it, I was soooooooooo happy!
Hopefully, it’ll work… I’ll watch to see how well it performs before I ever start another… but, I’m telling you, I think I’d love to have some chair cushions made out of this wool!  It is SO COMFY!
I don’t have anything to sew leathers on the sides… but may enlist someone to do that for me.
I could easily develop a passion for working with wool!
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