Tack Repair

Perhaps I should have committed to making salsa today… but with all the riding coming up that we’re doing, I decided I should finish my repairs on some tack.

Do you remember the ginormous wool saddle pad I made for Vernon?  Two hundred dollars worth of wool and hours of work????


A pack rat made a meal or two of the sweaty gusset area for the withers. (Yes, he probably lined his nest with it, but still…)

I hope he plugged himself up!  Boy, was I disgusted!

How was I going to fix this???

Well, some nylon twine and a big needle… and I tried to recreate the small squares of the canvas.  I failed.  But I tried.  No way was I going to get as many small squares!  Well, make do with whatchya got… (It looked MUCH worse than this… from the edge, clear into a wide spot at the base of the gusset was gone. At this stage, my worry that I could repair it was diminished…)


So I pushed and pulled and wove and tied and added more and more wool… until…

I think it’s good.

Ugly.  But good.


Then my saddle.  I’ve lost some of the decorative conchos that held my saddle strings in place.  I placed an order, got the wrong pieces, forgot the leather conchos, then ordered a size smaller than I probably should have, then ended up with waaay too many pieces.


It was kind of a joke all the way around, but!  I have new conchos installed… and… if you need some long D ring pieces, we might just make a trade!



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  1. Oh I hate when something you work on for hours (with lots of love of course) gets damaged. Like the time I tucked a quilt round the mattress on an outside wall of the house. Yep, needed a repair after it got mildew on it. Your repair – even if you don’t like it – is all part of the saddle pad story. Looks good to me.

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