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I kept thinking today was Tuesday.
Even after watching RFD-TV’s Rose Parade coverage… while babysitting Quinlan.  (Yes, Marilyn, I saw those 100 palominos in honor of Roy Rogers… Made me tear up… I loved that guy!)
Somehow, only half of the Christmas ornaments are off of the tree.
My house is still a wreck with laundry piles halfway done.
I think I’ve had another one of those days.
The kind where you think you’re going to accomplish something, but by the end of the day, you’ve just made more work for tomorrow…
I’m blaming it on watching the movie Inception last night.
I believe I dreamed about dreaming.
But I’m not exactly positive.
If you’ve seen the movie… you understand!
With my “free” time limited… I don’t know how/why I’m slacking…  but soon we’ll be Bangs Vaccinating… and Daniel leaves on vacation… and Brandon and Megan and Quinlan will return to Laramie… and I’ll be Vernon’s top hand again.
Ranch work.
Not house work.
So tomorrow… I’m buckling down!
I swear.
I promise.
I hope.
For tonight… I thought I’d share the same photo as yesterday… but with the neato Frito camera option of accent color.
Choose the color you want (I picked the infamous red dirt) and the rest of the photo is in black and white!
I’m enjoying this setting!
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