Wrap and a Hooey

I had porkchops and cream of mushroom soup in the crockpot, the last of my home made frozen corn defrosting, a big salad made and chilling in the fridge, and baked potatoes wrapped and waiting for Megan to throw them in the oven at 11.

I was off to help with the bangs vaccinating.
The thing about bangs vaccinating is the paperwork we do…
We get the calf’s number and the official number from the bangs tag is written down beside it… then my job is to sort them one of three ways.
Sounds simple, right?
Well, throw in the running conversation about bulls, and gold ETF’s, and politics, and history, and grass fed “definitions”, and humor that our Good Doctor banties about… and swinging the gates back and forth and swooshing them up the alley… and somehow the multi-tasking is a bit more difficult!
I HATE to screw up, so I check the number twice, then I confer with Johnny who has his own records he’s writing on, then I interrupt the Good Doctor to check that I’m still in order!
We break for lunch, and drive the four miles to my house, where everything is ready, plus a platter of cookies!  YAY!  Nothing like feeding a big meal when you’ve been gone all morning!  Megan was a BIG help!
We returned to work, the newest “top hand” in tow… for another hour.
With a wrap and a hooey, we threw our hands in the air… another job done at Greet Ranch!
It’s time for another Question and Answer Session!  Leave your questions in the comment section… and I’ll answer them Tuesday!
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