Honestly Puzzle

The guys were busy today bangs vaccinating our heifers.  I was at work at the library.  I honestly feel SO GUILTY on these days if I’m not home to help!  After years and years of doing the work, it just doesn’t seem right that I’m not there with them.

If you’re inclined to learn about bangs vaccinating, I’ve written about it before here and here, and probably a few other places!  You do know there is a search box for this blog on the right sidebar, don’t you?

So… when all else fails… make a pretty puzzle.

Again… honestly (again)… is there anyone more handsome than this guy?????

previewHandsome Man


Any more questions????  C’mon, folks… post ’em!


Honestly Puzzle — 5 Comments

  1. What happened? I’ve enjoyed the other puzzles, but this one is inaccessible– something about it wasn’t in compliance…

    Anyway, love your blog. The pictures of the snow make my feet cold!

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