Winners and Winter Travel!

I zipped around my house this morning, trying to get the basics done… A roast in the crock pot… Some printing was completed of my blog entries now that I have both ink and paper at the same time! A few things picked up and put away. A suitcase packed. Yes. I ran away from home.

I’m once more in Kaycee, helping with the twins! No more ranch life for a few days… I’m back to diapers and bottles!

Unfortunately, the drive wasn’t all pleasure… White knuckles did appear at one point!

While it had flurried at home a bit, the road report said just slick to slick in spots with falling rock in Ten Sleep Canyon. No big deal. The switchbacks were fine… But the snow started sticking to the highway before Deerhaven. By Meadowlark Lake it was coming down hard!

I slowed to 35-40 mph, and enjoyed the view. The flakes were coming down fast, and I even contemplated turning around! But I had tracks to follow… Some other poor soul was on the mountain with me… It’s just too bad it wasn’t the snow plow! While the scenery was beautiful, I didn’t feel like risking a photo even at that speed. The only traffic I met was another Durango with its right headlight busted out and the license plate thrown on the dash. I don’t know if it was “fresh” or not, but I decided to err on the cautious side and my camera stayed in its case.

Another couple of miles and there was 5-6″ of snow on the road! Powder River Pass was still ahead and I was beginning to wonder…

Just shy of the pass, the clouds lifted, the snow quit and I met the Johnson County snowplow scraping along bare pavement. I hope he radioed Washakie County to let them know they were missing some action.

I’m remembering how to email my blog entries from Kaycee, but I couldn’t figure out how to capture my Random Number Generator to prove who the calendar winners are! Victoria and Matt are my witnesses… And I’m happy to say that Shirley, you’re the winning entry from the comments on the blog… And, believe it or not, my friends Vince and Ali are the winners from the Facebook category! It’s great to think I have a calendar headed to New Zealand! Shirley, please email your name and address to red dirt in my soul at gmail dot com… And your calendar will be on its way.

Thanks to everyone that entered!

I’ll see how creative I can be here in Kaycee!

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