Cloth Diaper Photo Tutorial

I attempted a photo of some cloth diaper styles… I can tell my forte is not marketing photography! But this will have to do. Blogging on my iPad has its limits!

The pic I took shows all in one diapers, pocket diapers, and a diaper cover with tri fold diapers.

I have an cute navy and light blue artistic pattern around that purple bear on top… You’d be amazed at the variety of cute fabric they use on these things! Ditto for the one below and to the right… Blue denim with polka dot back pockets! How sweet!

The golden one is an all in one… Layers of padding are easily visible. The bad thing about them is the amount of time it takes to dry them…

Next is the blue cover that you use over the top of the tri fold diaper.

(Should I admit this one is actually one of my kid’ diapers that I stashed with all my kids’ baby blankets? That would make them at least 22 years old, depending on which kid I got them for? Does that make me a pack rat? Or just someone who has enough storage space to keep this stuff?)

Anyway, the blue cover goes over the tri, which is held by those Snappies. I have the purple one down like they’re used, and the green one upside down to show you the teeth. They remind me of ace bandage holders attached to the rubber T. They grab the fabric well, and have enough stretch to keep them tight.

The red diaper shows off all the snaps and adjusting that’s possible. It is a pocket diaper and I’ve one partly pulled out and another is partially visible to the left.

There you have it… A photo to go with your Cloth Diaper Tutorial.

Tomorrow I’m off to the big city of Casper, but I’ll keep blogging from this Road Trip!


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