Red Dirt Medium

Well, I was going to answer your good wishes one by one, but evidently GoDaddy and I are on different pages at the moment.  To each of you that sent well wishes, thank you!  It is just a head cold… and orange juice and neti pots and hot baths seem to be working…

Let’s return to my T-zer from the other day.
Red Dirt Shirts.
Handpainted with, uh, Red Dirt!
Time to test my theory.  I grabbed my used tshirt and applied mud.


Not bad.
Not good.
But not bad.
His left eye is wonky.  There is no “eraser” for red dirt.
Let’s wash it a few times and see what happens…


Yeh… needs work.
Let’s do this to make the Muses happy…  My friend sent me a picture of her Boston Terrier.


I tried this.


I got her face too narrow.
I obviously need to work on my artistic skills… but the real fact is…
YOU CAN PAINT WITH RED DIRT AS YOUR MEDIUM.  (don’t mind the occasional piece of grass or root…)
My next trial…
painting the dogs of Rimrock English Shepherds on a canvas bag…
Can I do it?
Tune in tomorrow.
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