Hide Out

Good grief, what a windstorm we had today!

I measured a gust of 53 mph!  Most of the day it held right around 25, though…
It blew dust and limbs and evidently part of our calving shed tin off…
I had plans to do some landscaping, but, heavens!
I weinied out.  (how *DO* you spell that?)
I hid inside and cleaned and cooked and occasionally snuck in some work on some pysanky.
At one point, I glanced outside and my chain link fence was solid with leaves.  So much for what raking I’ve accomplished…
I heard one big bang, and assumed a limb had fallen out of the cottonwood.  Turned out the corner support post for my tiny porch overhang fell over.  Why it did not fall into my dining room window, I do not know!  I figured if the wind wanted to take off the overhang as well, I’d just let it!  I’m not strong enough to fight the Wyoming Wind!
It’s on days like today, I’m very glad I can hide out in the house!


(this photo is obviously from the other day… when there was NO WIND!)
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