This Time

It’s raining, no foolin’!

I *KNEW* I should have fertilized my yard this morning, but somehow, I got caught up in other things.
Yesterday’s Blogging 201 was, once again, attended by just a few brave individuals… but with Alli’s input, it was an interesting and informative time!  I still believe this is a program that libraries could use… and gain a larger audience.  Perhaps Sheridan, Buffalo, or Casper could use us Wyoming Bloggers!  <hint-hint>
Anyway, I flitted between cleaning, putting together my newest purchases, and working on my blog this morning, because I had a trip planned for this afternoon.  The new purchases I’ll show off in a few days… my trip?
A faint echo of this entry
This time, not so long or far away…
This time, a much more inexpensive trip…
This time, a different handsome man!
Details tomorrow!
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