Horseback Photography

So my video Q&A session is still not done, and is waywayway overdue…  Plus I wanted to reply to many of the comments I’ve been getting lately…

But, the morning got away from me, and then everyone was here at lunchtime to watch our steers sell on Northern Livestock Video Auction… then I did a few things around here, getting ready for the branding tomorrow.

This evening we rode the back side of the pasture, kicking the cows to the lower side, so that perhaps, in the morning, it won’t be such a big job to gather before branding.

After a hot and blustery day, it cooled off, though it remained breezy… It clouded up and the setting sun, well, she just outdid herself in glory.

The light was spectacular and remained so… I took 90 photos!  Granted, there were plenty of blurry ones… but with light that phenomenal, I’d rather take too many and hope a few turn out!  Horseback photography can be tricky!






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