Extra Effort

With all of the extra curricular activities… we’ve fallen behind on a few chores.

One was the bleeding of our AI heifers, to see if the AI actually took.

This has to be done within a certain time, because after we AI’d them, of course, we put in a bull to catch them on their next cycle in case we’d missed.  Last year was the first year we had done this… and could say with certainty… “That one’s a Ranch Hand baby, that one is a War Party…”

It’s been interesting to see…

but it was going to fall between the cracks because haying is a priority.

Brandon and Megan and I thought we could do it… gather the pasture, trail them to the corral, and then bleed them all.

Well, by golly, we did get it done… of course, we managed to put the horses up finally by 9:30 pm…

and Toria came and helped this afternoon, and Daniel this evening… or we’d still be out there!

Anyway, my day was filled with manure and blood and numbers and test tubes, but we’re done!  We’ll trail them back to the pasture they were in… no trip to the Mesa Pasture for them!

But we’re very happy with our little extra effort… and now we can’t wait to send them off and find out the results!


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