Just as I was sitting down to post tonight’s Longmire Baskets for the Washakie County Library Endowment Silent Auction…


Lightning and thunder and minimal rain… which quickly meant, once again… FIRE.

My guys grabbed their Nomex and the Fire Truck, and off they went.

I manned the phone, calling neighbors, the county grader, and whoever needed to know.  Then I was sent to our Lookout Hill, to see what was what.

Two local fires were started, and so far we’ve been lucky, they’ve been knocked down and contained by our volunteers, which is good because the BLM is sitting on a fire close to Thermopolis of about 2,000 acres.

Here it is midnight, and I still haven’t posted the baskets… I’m sorry, but Life got in the way!  (and by the bye, since I woke up at 3:30 this morning to move cows… this day has become vewy vewy vewy LONG!

Oh, well… back to the baskets!

First is the Walt Longmire Basket!


A vintage wooden box is filled with:

  • Longmire Red Dirt Shirt, size XL, lightweight Fruit of the Loom Tshirt
  • Mystic Monk Coffee, Royal Rum Pecan flavored (made in Meeteetse, Wyoming)
  • 1966 Wyoming license plate
  • three notecards and envelopes with the Big Horn Mountains in pen and ink
  • leather key chain
  • (not pictured but will be added tomorrow)
  • Absaroka County Sheriff coffee mug with Pomme Cannelle tea
  • Vote For Longmire bumpersticker
  • a sheriff badge of your very own!


Next is Henry Standing Bear’s Basket!


Included in this rustic wooden box is:

  • Henry’s Red Dirt Shirt, size L, lightweight Fruit of the Loom Tshirt
  • Buffalo Jump 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon wine (from Cody, Wyoming)
  • two handpainted Red Pony coffee mugs with Native American Victory Tea
  • wild turkey feathers
  • beaded wool Red Pony with edge beading(donated by Jo Orchard)
  • three notecards and envelopes with a Native American shield stand in pen and ink
  • a Vote for Longmire bumpersticker will be added tomorrow (see above)
  • an authentic piece of a buffalo skull! 

Now the absolute coolest part… Lou Diamond Phillips, who plays Henry Standing Bear, has volunteered to autograph the Red Dirt Shirt!  You buy it, he’ll sign it!  (We could have done this beforehand, but I didn’t get around to creating it until too late to ship it and return it, so it’ll be up to you!)


Should you be interested in bidding on these, you can send your highest bid with contact information to reddirtinmysoul at g mail dot com.  I’ll play ebay for you during tomorrow’s silent auction!  Your bid must be in no later than noon Mountain Time, so I can take it along with me to the “Cowboy Up” with Craig Johnson BBQ and Fundraiser!

If you win, I’ll contact you!  (please add $10.00 for shipping)

Thanks, this will be fun!  (fires permitting, of course!)

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