Longmire Poster for Auction

Since we did this all day, you’d think I’d post about it…


But instead… I’m going to write about THIS!

longmire poster

This is a very unique AUTOGRAPHED Longmire Country poster that we are selling to raise funds for the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library.  We now are a recognized charity on eBay, meaning that we can sell great collectibles to raise money for our nonprofit, plus YOU could sell great things and designate part of the proceeds come to us, PLUS there’s simply a DONATE  button, if you’d like to support our tiny library without actually *buying* anything!

Many times on here I’ve talked about the author Craig Johnson who writes the Longmire mystery novels.  He lives just over the mountain in itsy bitsy Ucross, Wyoming, population 25.  He’s been to Ten Sleep a few times, remember my first red dirt shirts I painted with Walt Longmire and Henry Standing Bear on them????  That was for an event where he was guest speaker.  Then last year I attended Longmire Days in Buffalo, where the actors who portray his characters on the Longmire television show showed up for thousands of fans.  I even made a video of the Good Times I had.

Well, season three for the tv show on A&E starts tomorrow, which is Monday, June 2… and the Friends of the Ten Sleep Library thought it was a perfect time to auction off this poster!  It has the autographs of Walt, Branch, Cady, Ruby, and author Craig Johnson.  I stalked these guys throughout Longmire Days trying to get their autographs… and this was the best I could do!  This was a custom designed poster by the local travel commission, and the photo is of Cloud Peak in the Big Horn Mountains.

If you know ANYONE that is a fan of the books or the show on A&E, PLEASE SHARE this link or this post.  We’d really like to get the word out, knowing the right person would love to have this, plus support a great cause!




Longmire Poster for Auction — 7 Comments

  1. After reading this post I found Longmire on Netfix and started watching it. Great show. Can’t wait until season 3 is posted on Netflix. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  2. Thanks Carol for the Longmire post. Yes Longmire has reached across the pond to England. Season 1 just ended on free TV, season 2 showing on cable and thanks to your blog we can look forward to season 3. I have read first book. Wonderful. Love your blog too thanks to many hours in the 60’s watching The Virginian and other westerns on black and white TV. Oh I love those big sky scenes. Enjoyed them real time on visit to WY in 2009.

    • Joanne, so glad you’ve become a fan of Longmire… Keep reading the books, they keep getting better! I loved visiting England a LONG time ago! I went as many places as I could, bought the tour booklets, and left for the next one. Still have them all! Have a good friend near Bath as well… I hope you visit my blog often!

  3. Wish I could, but it’s already out of my price range! Especially when you add in that $50 shipping. I love the Longmire books, thanks for cluing me in to them! Don’t have a TV, but watch the series on the computer. Extremely well done, and looking forward to the new season.

  4. I’m glad to know this, Carol! We don’t have A & E but a friend (with whom I will be this morning) invites us on Mon nights to her house to see it. Neil and I attended Longmier movies in the last off season at our library here and were glad to also attend the night he was at the library to speak and visit with a crowded room of attendees! We have two autographed books of his Latest book “Spirit of Steamboat” to loan to friends.

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