Longmire Days – Part Two: The Big Silly Grin

It’s late, but I’ve just finished my two hour drive home over the Big Horn Mountains in the dark!  I only saw three elk and a few deer, so it was a nice drive!  I think I drove the entire way with this Big Silly Grin on my face!  No music… just memories of the past two days in Buffalo Durant for Longmire Days… and the occasional giggle.

I’ve stood in line more these past few days than I have in years… but it was all worth it!

I commend and thank the actors, especially Robert Taylor, who seemed to make a special point to attend each and every activity he could, and stay and sign EVERYONE’S tshirt/hat/poster/newspaper/magazine/book!  I’d say every fan that attended who likes the characters on tv, now LOVES the actors, as well!

I took photos and movies and all that will just have to wait until tomorrow’s post!  I’m tired!

Until then, feel free to watch Longmire on the A&E network, Monday evening!  Then you can pull up my blog and see the guys in real life!

Oh, and best of all… I have posters and more (autographed by all but two actors) and they will be up for auction to benefit the good ol’ Ten Sleep Library!  You bet I’ll post about that when the time comes!

The Big Silly Grin?  Well, here’s one time I had it on… the street dance… with my relative, “Lottery Girl”… and Robert Taylor himself!

Robert Taylor



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  2. A couple of days spent in “Absaroka” County Wyoming sounds like a lot of fun.

    Is it true that Absaroka has its own #24 license plate number?

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