Longmire Days – The Video

Well, I managed to put this together… a short video synopsis of Longmire Days in Buffalo, Wyoming this weekend!

A BIG THANK YOU needs to go out to the organizers and volunteers, Craig and Judy Johnson for writing the Walt Longmire mysteries and “behind the scenes” work, and the great actors who patiently signed autographs for hours, posed for a thousand photos, answered the same questions over and over, and simply gave themselves to the fans this entire weekend!

My Red Dirt painted tshirt has everyone’s autographs (except for Lou Diamond Phillips who did not attend)… and all the posters, license plates, and photo that will eventually be auctioned as a fundraiser for the Ten Sleep Library has all but LDP’s, Adam’s, and Katee’s.  I really tried, but that was the best I could do!

Longmire Days taught me that the actors are just as sweet as the characters they portray, which is extremely nice in this day and age.  (Bailey is actually NICER than the Branch character he portrays! 😉 )

I also had a grand time visiting with the ladies from Casper, who never managed to get an autograph; the guy from Ft. Laramie who told me he’s had to sell all his cows because his grass is all drouthed out; the couple who ride in The Best of America By Horseback; the sweet vegan girl from Aruba; a library patron from long ago (come see us again!); my relatives (you lucky Lottery Girl!); and the local ladies rocking in front of the Occidental Hotel.

We are Longmire Fans.  All of us.  Because we’re the REAL DEAL.

We work.  We love.  We try so hard to do what’s right.  We care.  All we ask is a fair shake, a chance, and we’re willing to sweat to get what we want, but not at the expense of others.

We are Longmire.


I have a Big Silly Grin on my face STILL… which is saying something today.

Today, Ten Sleep and the surrounding community remembered the life of one of our young members, taken way too early at the age of 28.  She was a helluva cowgirl.  The Upper Nowood echoes a little lonelier tonight.  We’ll always remember your persistent smile, your gorgeous red hair, and the bright light you shared with us.  Peace to your family, J.  You will be missed.



Longmire Days – The Video — 12 Comments

  1. Thanks for posting the video. Would have loved to have been there
    for Longmire Days – but the trip from Ohio would have cost too much.

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  4. I loved Bailey Chases character on Saving Grace…not so much on Longmire. I am hoping they improve his “character” next season. He is just too purty to waste on a bad guy character! And just how drunk were those guys by the end of the night =o)

  5. That was wonderful! I might just have to find out what channel Longmire is on and watch it! (I don’t watch much TV.) But I have to ask, even though I’m sure you’ve answered this question before, why is your town called Ten Sleep? Sounds like it must have a great story behind it!

  6. Hope you’ll let all of us stuck out here in the hinterlands bid on the auction items! Envious, envious, envious in Maryland.

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