And people say I live in the middle of nowhere!

road sign

There’s all sorts of “wheres” around here!  Even when we trailed cattle there was this sign… It’s been torn down, stolen, replaced, stolen, replaced, stolen, replaced…

I was going to share Wyoming’s Place Names website with you, but I couldn’t quite get it to work… I don’t know if it just doesn’t like my computer or what… but should you desire to virtually explore Wyoming, here’s another way to do it.


I’ve been to this site before and though you MUST WAIT FOR THE MAP TO LOAD, it’s a pretty cool site!

While at Longmire Days, someone told me a NEW story about how Ten Sleep got it’s name, and swore it was true because an old Indian friend told him so…

See, so many cool things happened at Longmire Days!

Maybe I’ll have to share that story with you tomorrow… tonight was my 32nd wedding anniversary, and I just kinda get the feeling I’m being rude sitting in here typing to you!

So, hasta la vista…

Where ever YOU are!


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  1. Love the sign but all the somewheres seem to be to the south. I don’t see an arrow with the designation Big Trails. This might lead some to believe that Big Trails really is no where.

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