New Country

I went with Vernon this afternoon to prepare for moving our cattle on Thursday.  Since the Mesa Pasture burned up in our fire, we had to go looking for extra grass… and we found it!

I haven’t been up there until today.  We put some salt out to help the cows settle in… they LOVE salt, and the high magnesium mineral helps with the poisoning from larkspur.  There is some larkspur in this pasture, though not as much as in our Mountain Pasture.  One more week and it’ll be pretty dry, and therefore less poisonous… but they’re running out of grass *this* week!


It’s a very nice place, with tons of grass!


It has a nice little herd of bucks as well…


And a cute little get away cabin… Of course, the roof is twisted off and a couple of walls have collapsed!  You might have to duck, and watch out for those old rolls of barbed wire…

I can see this from the main road, and always thought the cabin set farther over the rise and down… turns out, it’s just smushed.

It’s great to have some new country to explore and, especially, to feed our cattle!

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