Here’s my last photo of Tully…


And one of the last of Chabot…


Can you tell they’re really stressed out about going to their new homes???

Yeah.  NOT.

Then… let’s go back to yesterday… and that tomato hornworm???


This is why I’m not a fan, though I’ll grant you the Hawk Moth is attractive…


They blend in so well, I honestly thought a deer had got into my garden and ate all the tops off of my plants!  I couldn’t believe my English Shepherds would have allowed that… and I was right!


And though my finger is enlarged because of the angle in this one photo… these suckers really ARE large!


But, what goes around… and my Little Red Hen thought the tomato flavored worm was dee-lish!


Hey, even though it’s a little late… let’s do a Question and Answer session!!!  Yay!!!  Leave your question in the comment section and I’ll answer them in a few days!!!  C’mon, shoot me a question!
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