Quick Shot

Up the mountain we went today!

These cows have been in what we call “The Partnership” pasture.  This time of year is a bit late to be headed UP the mountain, but with our overabundance of larkspur in our mountain pasture (it’s kinda pretty, but deadly poisonous to cattle, until it’s dried up) we have waited as long as possible to trail our cows there.

We’ve delayed our usual pregnancy testing by two weeks and the corral we use is in our mountain pasture… we have to go!

We’ll be trailing more cows there from another leased pasture on Friday to get ready for the Big Day on Saturday.

Once we convinced these ol’ girls they did, indeed, want to go UP the mountain and not DOWN, they trailed right along.  Honestly, there wasn’t a great deal of green grass to tempt them away!  The only green grass was in the bogs… and Dally did duty as BogDog.  Unfortunately, half of the time she just barked instead of bit, but she got the job done.


I like this part of the trail… the boggy valley is enticing.  There’s rugged rock outcrops that hide gold and mountain lions, skeletons of trees that howl for portraits, and little Hammer Creek slides amongst it all.


My favorite?  A quick shot of Daniel… giving Boomer a little love at the end of the day!


I’ll share more photos throughout the week… it was a Good Day for photos!

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