Looking For Ideas

Not too much to report on for today…


Cooking lunch for some relatives in town for a memorial service…

Catching up on other household duties since I was gone for three days…

Finally, I got a chance to head out to the studio.  The radial saw has disappeared again… so I switched back to chinking.

The weather service is actually predicting rain/snow for Wednesday, which will be a blessing… but chinking is a good thing to finish before it gets too cold!  I’ve talked to a contractor… here’s hoping he can get me a floor poured before too awful long!  A floor would make SO much difference!

Then I could figure out my windows!

I’m welcoming all ideas for windows… I’d love to be able to put them on hinges and move them out of the way…  Plus none of my windows actually FIT the openings… ugh!  Do I fit in a window and fill in with scrap glass?  It’s a studio and I hate to lose light!

Then there’s the heat barrier I’ll need to put behind my wood stove.  If I put some corrugated tin behind it and have it a couple of inches off the wood, would that be enough heat protection or should I invest in some other stuff made for using behind wood stoves?

Next, I’d like some kind of drain/small root cellar type barrel in the floor.  That way if I get water run in there at some point, you won’t have to worry about a drain… and if not, the barrel will be good for keeping potatoes in!

Have you seen any great and wonderful ideas on cabin living you’d like to share?  Unique shelving, cabinets, doors, beds?  I have some things I might try, but you guys never fail for ideas!

In the meantime, start sending questions my way ( I have a few to answer already) but it’s OCTOBER tomorrow, so let’s Q&A our way into the new month… leave your question in the comment section and I’ll answer them on, well, let’s shoot for Friday!


(When shooting sunsets, like the photo from yesterday, remember to turn around and look behind you, the light can be great in both the east and west!  This is the actual sunset, yesterday was reflection and moon rise.)

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