Great Deal

I’ve been writing this blog since January of 2008.  I’ve written on ranchlife and cows and farming and calving and horses and crafts and remodeling and my family and my job.

Probably a few other things.

In 2011, I was recognized by BlogHer, a community of women bloggers, for my visual story about a bald eagle and her release into the wild.

This year, I was recognized by BlogHer again… this time for a short little piece entitled “The Whisper of Hay Dust“.  (The one that inspired a song as well!)

This time around, BlogHer decided to create an ebook of the winning entries in their Voice of the Year contest.

Which means, simply… since I was chosen, I’d be included… in other words…

I’m now, technically, a published writer!

The ebook is now available for pre-order! (on iTunes and Kindle) It will be out next week!


But, you insist, you’ve written a book!  What about Red Dirt In My Soul?

Well, yeah.  But having something printed at the local print shop isn’t quite the same!  (Plus, with ebooks and self publishing stepped up a bit since 3 years ago… Red Dirt In My Soul may have a “second printing” in the works, if I’d just take the time!)  Still… it’s different.

I don’t quite fit in any of those pre-made slots… I’m not a mommy blogger, though I’m a mom.  I’m not a photography blogger stuck in ISOs and f stops, though my photography is an important part of this blog.  I’m not a craft-of-the-week, or DIYer… though I do that, too.  I’m not inspirational or spiritual or news worthy or crude or a fashionista or popular in LA.  I’m not even just an agricultural blogger (though, for heaven’s sake, try to find that category listed anywhere!) because I don’t just write on ranching and cattle and horses and irrigating and haying…

But, still, for two years now, BlogHer has taken the time to reward me with recognition and a neato frito little widget I get to post on my sidebar.  I’d like to thank BlogHer, again, for choosing me for Voices of the Year 2012, and for coming up with the idea of publishing the finalists and winners.

It means a great deal to this little blog out here in the expanse of Wyoming!

(And check out the new bling on the sidebar!)


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