Just Ducky

After I finished canning the last 5 pints of salsa for the year, and cleaning house, and looking for calendar photos…

I headed outside for some fresh air.

I drove up and examined the center pivot from close up… still no power… and a few other things left to do… but I must say it is impressive.

I then decided I better keep working on my garden cleanup… so I chopped the corn stalks down.

Then I felt like I wanted company.

Sure, Elsa and Lucas were nearby (Dally was in the house… she’s coming in heat), but I wanted something else.

So, I grabbed some small twine.

Then I grabbed a chicken.

MY, she thought she was gonna die!

I’ve probably set back egg production, but I went ahead and put a picket line on her leg, though I didn’t stake her, and turned her loose while I worked in the garden.

She thought that was just ducky!



It’s time for another Q&A… Just in case there’s some questions out there I haven’t answered yet!  Drop a question in the comment section and I’ll answer them in a few days!

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