What About You?

Since I’ve put out the call for questions for this month’s Q&A… I’d like to ask for suggestions as well…

What *haven’t* I covered in blog posts? (stay away from personal items, I won’s share that! )

(I still have to make a solar oven… I haven’t forgotten… and I never touched too much on dog training…)

In a couple of months, I begin my SIXTH YEAR of blogging… and I’m wondering if I should mix it up a little more.

So, here’s your chance… what do you want more of?  Less?  Suggestions?  Layout?  Colors?  Topics?  Movies?  Photos?  How about a few reruns of popular posts?

It seems like I’m ready for something new…

What about you?

Just for kicks and giggles… let’s take the Way Back Machine to January of 2008 when my first visual entry was this:  PUPPY SOCCER!

November 6, 2011   Minute Movie: “Lucas and Elsa Goose Up Some Cows”
November 6, 2010   A New Craft Support Group
November 6, 2009   As Promised… (for those of you with English Shepherd calendars, check out what Sadie (Miss November) looked like 3 years ago!
November 6, 2008   Darkness

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