Questions and Answers – November 2012 Edition

Let’s get going!

Sandy G.: Was there a reason for tying the twine on the chicken’s leg? (Keep it out of your garden, keep it nearby, or just for some fun!!) ??? (I am an ignoramus when it comes to chickens, so just wondering.) ;-}

Sandy, I figured I needed a way to catch her… so a picket line seemed in order!  They are used to me being close to them, with wire in between, but having never been OUT of the wire, I wasn’t sure how she’d react.  It was a safety precaution that worked well.  When I was done, I just followed down the line and caught her up!

Liza:  How far do y’all have to go to vote? My polling place is within walking distance of my house; in fact, I pass it daily when walking my dogs, but I don’t have nearly the space y’all do!

Thirty years ago, we used to vote right here at Big Trails in a lady’s house (voting machine and all), but now we travel to Ten Sleep to the Senior Citizen’s Center.  (20 miles)

Ali (from New Zealand):  Hi Carol…Why do you vote on a Tuesday? Is there some historical significance for this?

Ali, I actually had to look this up.  Thanks for forcing me into some civics class flashback!  Yes, it’s historical…since 1845.  It must be the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.  November 1 is All Soul’s Day, and so Catholics would not be able to vote… as they would be in church.  The first Tuesday after the first Monday would not conflict.

Jim aka Butch:  Your new pivot looks neat!  Do you plan to raise any crops other than alfalfa?

We may do the forage wheat again… or we will at least have a cover crop in with the alfalfa until it gets reestablished.  I don’t know if Vernon has made a definite choice yet.

Cj:  I very much enjoyed the post you did on “Darkness.” Those photos would make great Christmas cards, calendar pages for darker months, etc.

Thanks, CJ.  I don’t think I’ll be doing a calendar this year… I pretty much lost a lot of money with the soap opera that occurred last year.  Family will get theirs, the general public will lose out.  Thanks for all the ideas for blog entries!


Redwood:  Congratulations! Good timing: all of the grandsons so close in age – that should make them great playmates for each other. (I don’t think I can take any credit for grandsons…  )  If it’s not too late for Q&A: Have you begun planting that little forest between you and the highway, and building the kennel? Is Lucas’ painful paw improving at all? Will the other chickens get taken for a walk too? (I think you could take them all at the same time)

I haven’t, but spring will be here before I know it… and I have some bushes I’d like to plant.  I think it’s called Devil’s Ninebark?  and some Russian Sage… definitely some Aspens!  Lucas’ paw is not improving.  The chickens may be in for a move… see below.

Finally, re. “Beginnings,” I can’t quite imagine that those TV people would have done as terrific a job with your kitchen or bathroom as you. You created something uniquely beautiful and beautifully unique there, IMO.


Bert:  I’d skip the solar oven for now and work on a Solar Spam Zapper!  I’ll help!

Bert, please do.  I HATE spam.  I try to take it off first thing in the morning if I have time, but for those on the east coast… it’s much too late!

Jake:  Congrats of the new grand baby!! We are looking forward to our first child in April.

Jake, thanks so much, and to everyone else who sent their best wishes on the birth of Jaxon!  I really appreciate your well wishes!  For those of you really interested in more Wyoming blogs… Jake has one over here.  I’m always thrilled to find more bloggers here!  Will be sending you an email invitation to join our Wyoming Bloggers Group, Jake!

Ketra:  No really, what is it? Some deadly bush?  Alice:  Without your description, I would have never guessed that was a porcupine.

Oh, ladies… I’m sorry.  It’s my overactive imagination… It’s just a yucca with lots of snow.

Suzanne:  My question: What’s going on with the chickens? How do you winter them?

Well, the original plan was to leave them on my garden in their little tractor with a heat lamp… and they could “fertilize” to their hearts content.  Then, when I was ready to lock them up for the night, I could just zip out the few feet and shut the ramp.  It’s working ok… but I’m beginning to wonder if I shouldn’t turn the Puppy Coop back into the Chicken Coop for the winter.  It’d give them more room… be a little warmer (or at least I wouldn’t worry about the heat lamp so much).  The downfall is it is much farther away (including from the safety of my dogs chasing away coons and skunks), and it’d have to be cleaned and hauled away, where now I’ll just rototill it in in the spring.  They will trash the grass I have growing in the dog kennel as well.  I don’t know what I’ll do.

Sally:  Love the photo of Dally. Lookin’ like winter at Big Trails. 70 degrees here in NY. Congratulations to all on the birth of Jaxon. I love more Scorpions in the world. How is the studio coming along and will you be able to work out there this winter?

I’m kind of waiting on the cement contractor to get back to me… I definitely want the floor poured this fall… I guess there’s some fall left *somewhere*.  That’ll give me a chance to move stuff in here and there!  Next up, more insulation and ceiling…  Also… read back in the comments… Marilyn has a question for you!


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