One Down

If I don’t get a project finished during the winter months… it’s probably not going to get done over the summer!  At least those *hand-did* gifts…

Like this one…
Last year, Victoria found me the cutest Roy Rogers fabric while shopping for her twins’ quilt fabric.  I was just going to put the two back to back and have a lightweight quilt in no time.
Then I got greedy.  I admit it.  And I thought about my mom’s house.  She had a big fluffy baby quilt for years and years that she kept there.  My kids always chose it, even as teenagers, to cover up while watching tv or sleeping on her couch.  Big, bright jungle print, it didn’t matter… it was the choice!
So, with my change of mind, the two Roy Rogers fabrics were going to be made into two quilts… and stay here at my house, for Quinlan, or Waylon and Wyatt, or, now, Jaxon.  I bought matching flannel, and some satin binding… and off I went.  Well, a few days ago, I put in the last of the stitches.
What can I say?
Handstitching is a time-consuming process!
One down… one to go!

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