Raindrops on spruce trees and whiskers on puppies…

Or something like that!


Wyoming did its best to impersonate Seattle today.

At least here it did.

.23″ of moisture… most of it rain… though for a while it looked mighty Christmas-y out there!  There’s snow on the ground, though my weather station doesn’t measure it or the moisture in it very well.

Nevertheless, it was a good day to stay inside and be creative.  Which I did.  Though I didn’t accomplish too much!

(I must add my jigsaw and dremel tool to the list of My Favorite Things!)

I have a craft project or two for the Library’s Silent Auction coming up… and if I’m successful, I may have an extra item for sale in my shop!


I’ll put in my plug for bloggers everywhere… You know those ads on sidebars?  Mine are Sierra Trading Post, Emergency Essentials, and Amazon.  If you click on them while you’re on my blog… and then buy something there?  I earn advertising fees.  AKA, I make money.

Somehow I was slow to learn that about blogging… so now when I’m visiting other blogs… I try to see what they have advertised… and give it a shot.  I might just find a neat gift… plus give a little bonus to the blogger as well!

Just a little stocking stuffer…

Hope you’ve recovered from your holiday…and if you shopped, you enjoyed it!  I’m plenty happy to stay home!  I’m an online shopper, no surprise.  It’s back to the grind tomorrow…  Time to earn more money to pay for stuff!

But, it’s gonna be a good day… I’m decorating the library for Christmas!!!

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