Easily 4″ of snow this morning… and a slick highway… and a windshield wiper on the fritz. A wonderful start to the day!

But, the remainder of the day was good… I simply decorated the library.

This year, the tree is on our book table, so I climbed up and down on chairs and a ladder all day.  Can I tell you about the soreness in my legs this evening???  Bleh.

It really extended my decorating time!  I remember one year when I decorated it at “ground level” and then lifted it into place on another table… After comparing the two years, as traumatic as the Lift Year was… I believe I prefer it over the Ladder Year!

Now to remember that for NEXT Christmas!

And no.

I didn’t take a picture.

But I can get one Wednesday when I go back to work!

The next few weeks, hopefully, will be lots of little projects… anyone else out there feeling a tad bit CRAFTY?????

FYEO (For Your Enjoyment Only), Random photo #436


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