Bringer of Light.
Today, Lucas was a “guinea pig” in the laser light category.

The Good Doctor, veterinarian to our dogs, horses, and cattle has acquired a Class 4 Therapy Laser.  Today, Craig, from Companion Therapy Laser, arrived to train The Good Doctor and his staff.  In need of dogs with challenging conditions that the laser may help heal, I had volunteered Lucas.


Protective goggles and glasses had to be worn in case of inadvertent direct eye contact with the laser.  Lucas became his patient self, tolerant of most of our actions, though a squeaky yap from the back kennels would upset him and his session.


His paw was treated like a lick granuloma, even though it’s not caused by Lucas licking at it.


We then then gave his nerve damaged shoulder a treatment.


Honestly, there’s not an area of his body that probably wouldn’t be helped with the therapy laser.  His paw with its open sore, the nerve damaged left leg, the right leg that takes the load and stress, both hind legs that wobble from his rebuilt pelvis.

Within minutes, his session was complete.
We’ll return next week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Will it cure him?  I’d love it to, but the physical problems Lucas has are not going to be corrected by this…  I’ve purchased or mixed up a ton of different remedies… some more successful than others.  Curing, no… alleviating… yes.  I’m hoping for a scab on his paw, and some pain relief for his other legs as well.  I’ll be ecstatic with that, and anything further will be gravy!
Thank you, Good Doctor, for this chance for Lucas… Keep your fingers crossed, folks!


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