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Forgot my camera.  I know.

I *always* have it with me… and it was only 50′ away… but Lucas and I were in the vet’s office for a laser treatment today, and I didn’t remember it until he had his little goggles on and the vet tech was giving him his treatment.

There’s nothing seriously wrong.


The fact that his pelvis was crushed at 7 months of age.

At age eleven… it’s beginning to catch up to him!

He’s sore.  He’s always loved attention, so it’s about time I get back to giving him some serious backrubs, and butt rubs, and rereading that dog acupressure book I stashed in my basement.

But I do have a question for you, Faithful Readers…

Does anyone have a home laser treatment setup?  They are much cheaper now than when Lucas first served as my vet’s Demo Dog on the day they received their fancy setup.  I’m willing to try one… I think they run $150-$200.  Well, now that I’ve talked to the vet tech and refreshed my memory on what I should be looking for, I’ll have to recheck to see if I’m looking at the right kind.

Anyway… Does anyone have recommendations for Lucas and I?  Do you have one?  What kind?  Are you happy with it???  Let me know in the comments, please.

(Yes, he enjoyed his treatment, and yes, he’s more comfortable tonight.)



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  1. I’m sorry for Lucas. It was good of you to give him some relief. Dogs get old so quickly. Our old gal is almost 15 yrs old, but still a puppy at heart!

  2. I am very interested in this. Our vet offered these treatments for our Aussie (he is 13) due to issues with his back. He says they work, I am skeptical, would like to know what you think about the results and finding out more about this home treatment.

    • One if our young Akbash had a partial ACL tear. She could barely get around and had been a lithe, active dog prior to her injury. Off to the vet we went. She was prescribed rest, an anti inflammatory, and three sessions of laser therapy. I was a skeptical as well, but I was surprised at how well she responded. We have dealt with ACL injuries several times before and recovery can be very protracted. I feel that the laser treatments definitely made a difference and did so immediately.

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