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Points of note:

Remember all my whining and moaning about switching over to WordPress?  Well, I’ve paid for a year of it that no one has ever seen.  It’s still not up and going, but in talking with someone the past few days, he told me to switch over and force myself to learn it and update it to the level this blog is at… and quit whining.

I was willing to do that, but keep this blog as is, but I DEFINITELY need WordPress assistance.  Does anyone want to recommend a professional to help set me up?  If not, can anyone answer these questions for me?

1.  Would my blog subscribers lose their subscription when I transfer?
2.  I want an app that if I tag my entry with “dog”, it is also posted to my “dog” page… Does that app exist?
3.  Since my other blog is “hidden” right now, if I make it active, what happens here?  How can I have two current blogs?  If this one becomes inactive, would my links to older entries still be available?
4.  I probably have more questions, but, bleh.

For kicks and giggles…
an antelope herd keeps an eye on me as I slowed down to take their photo…


a.  Antelope eyes have a 320º field of vision.
b.  Antelope are considered the fastest mammal in the Western Hemisphere.
c.  Although “studies” will tell you differently… antelope are *very* capable of jumping barbed wire fences.  However, they do prefer to duck under if they have the room.
d.  The males’ horns are shed and regrown every year.
e.  This is probably more than you ever wanted to know about antelope!

Way past time to start the next Q & A Session.  There’re 3 comments the past few days I haven’t answered… how about the rest of you?  If you have a question you’d like answered, post it in the comments, and Tuesday… I’ll post the answers!  Ready?  GO!

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