After working on some photos to see if I could make a new header… and I did!  What do you think?  I somehow got the great idea to update my iPhoto.

Photostream is handy… another tweak or two for my photos would be great… newer, better, whatever…

Now I can’t get iPhoto to open.  At all.  Since this morning.  Still at 11:00 PM.  I haven’t even screamed or cried yet, but really?  I know about Time Machine and if I open up iPhoto like I’m going to attach one in a document, a lot of my photos are there… so why won’t iPhoto open?

I dunno.

I’ll troubleshoot more tomorrow… and maybe it’s still working its way through my zillion photos… so… no photos of my Soap Stones (which are now tagged and ready for sale) and no entry on my Shop for those Soap Stones since I don’t have a photo to go with them!

Sheesh.  This was basically a worthless post, eh?   Maybe I should have written something philosophical?



Like Vernon says about this freezing cold wind that has blown ALL DAY… “At least it keeps the mosquitoes away!”

iPhoto copy


Philosophical — 10 Comments

  1. You might have to delete firefox and reload the newest version. I had a game that the update would never work on (it would go through all the steps, then tell me it still needed to update) and that update hanging caused both pages and numbers to get hung up and crash whenever I opened them. I ended up just deleting the game since I rarely played it. Do you have safari available on your mac to use while firefox is down? ( Honestly I don’t know that much about computers, I am just repeating what my husband has had me do when I break mine, in hopes that what worked for me works for you 🙂 ).

  2. The new header looks great. As far as iPhoto, restart your computer, then go to the app store on it and check to see if there are any updates. It might be that your iPhoto and iOS versions are not on the same page so to speak.

  3. I love the new header, too. I loved all of the other ones!
    What I wish is that the photo of you and Elsa on the right, were not
    skwooshed so much horizontally; makes is very distorted. I don’t have
    blog or website, so I can’t suggest anything. Just an observation.

    • Marilyn, can you tell me what device you’re seeing it on? It looks good to me! Can you do a screen shot and email it to me? I will try to fix it!

  4. :)) Its never a useless post. Sometimes you just need to share something without a purpose, and sometimes by sharing, you get an ‘aha!’ or insight or just some relief!

  5. Carol, Goin’ philosophical is the fall back position for saving sanity, tearing hair and kicking the dog ( figuratively, not literally). It is a very good strategy which I use sometimes countless times a day, and it normally is initiated by some incident involving the blipping mousepad on my blippingly useless computer. Why, oh why, do I not just chuck it? WEll, I have some of that red dirt in my soul, too.

  6. Love the new header! Hope you woke up this morning and your iPhoto program had reconsidered its bad behavior, and decided to work just fine for you.

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