It’s snowed the past two days… and all that wonderful dirt/mud/tiny green grass that was appearing is now well under 5″ of wet wet snow.  There was more accumulation, but it has condensed!

This is great news for the grass that will grow this spring… and the runoff has filled many reservoirs in the badlands (according to reports from a neighbor!).  We are in a very lucky part of Wyoming, many other parts haven’t had near the snow they need.  Another dry summer speaks of many more wildfires… and drought stricken pastures and fields… there’s still time for more spring storms though, so we can always hope!

I encouraged the first and second graders to go out and build a snowman in this perfect snow… and as a result, I came home from work, and just had to build my own!  I’m not usually a snowman builder… I once built a big snow *rabbit* when I was in high school (I should see if I have that photo somewhere!)… and since then… I’ve built many a snowbunny!

I decided I’d build one grandson-sized… and here’s my result!


I invited Quinlan over for an Easter photo op… and, well…



It was COLD!  He had no gloves!


He was more than happy to tromp around in the snow…


But riding that bunny?

Nobunny was gonna make him do that!


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