Decisions. Decisions.

Decisions, decisions.

New tin roof colors… what to get?

My first choice was mottled brown… from a distance it looks like asphalt shingles… not tin!  But, of course, it’s more expensive, and not on the “allowed” list of colors.

They had a wonderful sage green, soft, and one of my personal favorites for clothing (if I can ever find it!).  Vernon didn’t want green as the house he grew up in had a green roof… even though it was REALLY GREEN, not sage!

Two down.

The next choice was white to match the garage… but, really?  We have brown tin and natural tin and white on sheds and barns and garages.  So which building do you try to match?  Besides, white is just GLARING.  Vernon voted down light colored tin!

RED.  Ah… barn red… and, of course, the barn *IS* red, as are some sheds… although their roofs aren’t.  Then they had a dirt red.  More rusty.  More *Soul-ful* should I say?  😉  The only problem with red is that it seems to fade over the years more than the other colors.  I leaned this way for a while.

Think.  Think.  Think.

Then we remembered.  That flying trip to Idaho in 2009.  The one where I noticed the gorgeous set of old buildings with blue tin roofs… The one I wrote about here.  The one where I said “I want to be bold enough to use this color…”

Well, Marcia, (who actually owns those buildings I raved about) you were right!  I’m going BOLD!  I am using Tahoe Blue just like on your buildings!  You win a SoapStone!  Email me your address at reddirtinmysoul at gmail dot com, let me know natural or bright… and I’ll get your SoapStone in the mail!  Thanks to everyone who entered!

blue tin roof

It’s a new month… anyone up for a Question and Answer Session?  Or have you asked all there is to ask about???  If there are questions out there, post them in the comment section, and I’ll answer in a few days!




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  1. Carol, it was the 5th comment down on April 2…I still see it there. I was only kidding by the way about getting an honorable mention =o)

  2. Blue will be beautiful. Just be sure to get the color you absolutely love – no doubt, no compromise, money is no object. You will be living with it a loooong time. Metal roofs are great. We chose light tan for our buildings to reflect the most heat. Tennessee has some long hot summrs.

  3. OH MY GOSH!!! How exciting! You will love the blue – I’ve found that it seems to change color to take on whatever the sky is doing that day. Can’t wait for the soap – I’ll email you my address.

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