A Grand Adventure

You should have seen it.

Three little boys, ball caps listing in various directions, being pulled on a sled around and around the garage by Vernon.  Snow?  They didn’t need any stinking snow!  It fact, it was a rather marvelous day!

Giggles abounded.

We couldn’t help ourselves!  We adults couldn’t stand the cuteness of the little boy antics… turning around and around before backing onto the sled to capture the prime seat… the gallant waves of goodbye to parents as they rounded the corner out of sight… the random sharing of sippy cups… the on again, off again, on again rotation of the three… the body language of ‘you dropped your hat’/’let’s go, Grandpa’/’there’s a dog’/

I just rewatched the video and it is absolutely priceless!  Of course, I can’t share it since the twins were part of it (Jaxon missed the fun), but if I ever am allowed to, my goodness, it’s good for a giggle!


I have been excited for a day now… looks like things are actually falling together… and in a week, I’ll be the proud caretaker of 15,000 honeybees.

Give or take.

I don’t think anyone else is as excited as I am… but I’ve been watching everything YouTube has to offer… and I’m just thrilled!

I still haven’t received my hive yet, so hopefully it’ll get here before the bees!

Stay tuned… This will BEE a grand adventure!


This Canada Goose would love to remind you it’s Question and Answer Time… if you have any questions, put them in the comment section!

Canada Goose in Wyoming


A Grand Adventure — 7 Comments

  1. That’s awesome that you are getting bees! Will you need to do anything to protect them during the winter since it gets so cold there? I don’t know what bees in the wild do…I guess they survive just fine. 🙂

  2. Perry kept bees for years while in New Jersey. He will be happy to hear that you are getting some. This will keep you ‘beezy” as if you have nothing else to do.

  3. Honeybees! Very cool! I think I would love to have bees. My Dad used to have them and at the time I was somewhat indifferent, but now I’d love to try bee keeping. I hope it’s a grand adventure for you! 🙂

  4. Do you have any plans to get another dog? Perhaps keep one of Dally’s pups if she has another litter? Did you ever find out what happened to Elsa? I still miss her, she was my favorite. I’m sure you will always miss her too.

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