In the Lee

We chose to go picnicking last night.  We thought we’d shoot for the burn on the Mesa Pasture… see how it was greening up… but 3/4 of the way there, it was WAY TOO MUDDY.  And just when we had spotted some elk!

Mud is good for the Mesa, but bad for picnicking.  It *is* greening up, though!

regrowth after wildfire

We turned around and backtracked a bit and built a campfire in the middle of the road to roast our hot dogs!  It’s a Very Private Road, with just 3 landowners that typically use it, so, there really was no concern about traffic!

Unfortunately, the wind picked up for our picnic and everyone had to bundle up!

cold picnic

It was slightly chilly, but I do believe baby Jaxon was the warmest of all of us!

warm baby

Seems like we never have time once it’s REALLY nice to go have a picnic… but these early spring picnics may just be more memorable!  Wear your long johns and bring hats and mittens and a good attitude!  Remember to stand in the lee of the Durango as well!


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  1. Ah, the coming of Spring. with all its new life! My daffodils and tulips are up but not in bloom yet. Your location and mine are about the same latitude…we have the ice boom in Lake Erie which tends to keep the month
    of April in Bufalo, cold! I love the last picture with Jaxson on the picnic with snow in the background!

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