I had the opportunity to take some amazing photos today… and pretty much messed them up.  They were out of focus, partially my fault, partially the camera’s automatic focus.  The only thing that keeps me from spitting and kicking the dirt, is that I can go back… try again… take a few more.

Then perhaps I’ll share.

I *did* get a few unusual photos, thanks to Vernon’s abrupt wake up call for me as he was heading out to work.  I was Sound Asleep and I mean SOUND, when he asked me for a camera.


After it sank in, I gave him my little camera, and he went outside, then quickly returned.  I sleepily asked what he was taking a picture of, and he told me to get my slippers on and come see for myself!

So I did.

IMG_2693Wow.  That just took me 24 minutes to upload… you might not get to see many of these after all, which is really too bad!

The fantastic frost on his pickup window resembled ornate floral leatherwork… or some fancy cut crystal… something much more than the usual dirty pickup window that it is!

frost windowWell, I’d show you more, but WordPress doesn’t seem to like me tonight…

But what great frost-ography, eh?


Frostography — 8 Comments

  1. Wow! that is the most gorgeous “frost-ography” I’ve ever seen, and I
    have experienced a lot of it living in WNY. Absolutely amazing and beyond words!!!

    Kudos to Vernon!

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