All Progress

Most of the snow melted today… and if there’s one thing that will put a smile on a farmer’s face, it is timing the application of fertilizer so that a spring storm will take it into the ground.

Vernon managed that today.

It’s a fine line between frozen and muddy, because if there’s one thing that a farmer hates it’s ruts in his field!

The fertilizer was delivered… he applied it to a couple of fields… and by tomorrow’s warmer weather, all that good stuff will be in the ground, ready to help that hay along!

fertilizing field

After that, he returned and we worked on another wheel on my minitruck… Three down, one to go!

I even managed to chink a little in my studio, too.

Oh, and most satisfying action of the day?  I’ve finished transferring all of my 2012 blog entries here on my new format!  Yay!  I did a little happy dance… sighed… and started on 2011!

It’s all progress, folks, all progress!


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  1. I’m always learning a lot from your blog! And congratulations on finishing the transfer of the 2012 blog entries to the new format. That
    must have taken HOURS!

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